If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old. IF it is completely flexible at 60, you are young.
— joseph h. pilates

What is Pilates? Originally intended for gymnasts, boxers, and dancers, the Pilates Method of exercise targets the abdominals (all three layers) and postural muscles (shoulders, back, pelvic floor, inner thighs). This leaves the client with a lifted, supported and taller feeling after every session.

Do you use machines? Equipment, called Pilates Apparatus, uses spring tension to challenge and tone the abdominals, mind, and entire body.

What kind of apparatus do you have? Our studio offers full pilates apparatus system: Cadillac/Tower units, Reformers, Ladder Barrels, Wunda & High Chairs, in both Balanced Body and Basil models.

I'm out of shape, is pilates for me?  The system is designed to correct imbalances and weakness in the body. Suitable for any body in any condition- sessions are personal and tailored for your bodies needs. See your body start to change. Create a strong foundation in your body, watch it translate to all other parts of your life.

What do you bring? No shoes or mat needed. Grippy socks only (no regular socks, safety issue) and wear comfortable work out clothing. 

Is Pilates like Yoga? No. Pilates class will make your abs and back stronger, in a very focused manner.

Is yoga a religion? Yoga is a philosophy as well as ancient movement practice. Yoga practice regulates hormones and calms the nervous system. Regular practice is shown to have ANTI-AGING benefits.

I'm not flexible, can I do yoga?  Beginners and all ages, flexibility levels, genders welcome. Push past any limits you ever thought you had, feel empowered in your body.

Do I need anything for yoga class? No shoes or socks required, please bring a personal  yoga mat (don't worry- some extras available in studio- just in case!) 

Why should I try TRX?  Low impact strength training! Train your entire body, using the TRX as the ultimate personal training tool- no weights needed. Take traditional personal training exercises to the next level.

Why cross train with TRX?  Need help on your push ups? Learn how to properly squat. Cross train in TRX strength,  Pilates for alignment, core and  back strength, and yoga for flexibility and calmness.  We give you everything your body, mind and spirit need under one roof. Please wear sneakers. 

Is it Bar or Barre?  Meet you at the barre! A ballet barre warm up and pilates inspired workout. Tone and chisel the entire body, isolating muscle groups in an Upbeat dance atmosphere.  No previous dance experience needed. We can all find our inner grace and ballerina. (Also offered: belly dance & hip hip cardio classes) Dance or grippy socks for barre and belly dance, hip hop allows sneakers only!