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If consistent, quality classes and private sessions is what you are looking for, you have come to the right place in Boca Raton. Seek Pilates offers the most comprehensively qualified and experienced staff in East Boca Raton. With over 40 years of combined experience, Seek Pilates team is East Boca Raton's lead, seasoned and professional Pilates and fitness instructors.  All staff have Classical Pilates certifications; Along with numerous years and additional certifications in body and client work. Please Read below on what makes our staff unique. We are proud to serve the local community and share East Boca Raton's number one Classical Pilates team with you. 


Samantha DeOrio:  Seek Pilates East Boca Raton’s Studio owner and Classical Pilates Education Teacher Trainer. Samantha has been in the Pilates Industry since she was 17 years old and is still inspired and learning each day.  Florida Atlantic University graduate, with a degree in Biological Science and General studies. Low impact, mindful exercise, and preventive medicine is her passion. Personally rehabilitating several injuries in her own body with the Pilates method over the years, she has gained knowledge in special cases. Samantha has seen what the Classical Pilates system has done in her own body and life, and wants to share it with you at her East Boca Raton Pilates studio. Specializing in alignment and restorative strength based Pilates and Yoga. She is currently gaining her 500 hour yoga teaching certificate with top ashtanga teacher trainers in South Florida, and is always continuing her education to bring to you. Samantha has trained under master elder Pilates teachers such as Stefanie Ellis,  Bob Leikens, Carrie Campbell, Dana Smythe, among other industry leaders in Classical Pilates, movement and healing.  A class or private session with Samantha at Seek Pilates East Boca Raton on the Pilates apparatus, such as the Tower, Reformer, Wunda chair, is always precise, creative and dynamic. 


Natalie Z:  Over ten years of teaching experience, you will feel the method in your body in Natalies strong classes and perfectly tailored private sessions at Seek Pilates East Boca Raton, Fl. Natalie brings keen observation of movement and body awareness, and years of Classical Pilates and Yoga knowledge to our East Boca Raton Seek Pilates studio. Enjoy a confident and clear classical Pilates session with Natalie, leaving taller, happier and stronger, safely. Try one of her TRX suspension training classes on Tuesdays or Thursday mornings! A great compliment to your Pilates practice. Enjoy a well rounded workout routine at Seek Pilates Boca Raton with lead instructors in South Florida. 


Erin Sevell:  Personal trainer and pilate instructor for over 12 years, you might have taken her class already in Boca Raton and loved it! Erin has adopted her personal flare to teaching within the Classical Pilates system.  Boca Raton’s Classical yet contemporary Pilates queen, Erin Sevell uses fun and creative ways to shake up the Classical Pilates reformer or tower routine. Challenge your classical practice with spring changes and variations on your traditional exercises. Enjoy the variety of group fitness classes and offerings at our Boca Raton Seek Pilates Studio.

Cj Thor: C.J. has over 20 years of dance and teaching experience and brings a personal touch to each class and session she teaches at Seek Pilates. Mindful of injuries and form, with a dance inspired foundation her workouts are strong and enthusiastic. CJ is a former NYC ballet dancer and has rehabbed her own body back from devastating car injuries. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge with everyone who takes a session with her in our Boca Raton Pilates studio. Seek Pilates offers something for everyone, we encourage you to try out one or all of our instructors to see how the Classical Pilates Method is consistent yet unique each time, and the quality of experienced instructors show in your results. 

Katie Thoms: Also Classical Pilates Education teacher trainer in Boca Raton with over ten years of  Pilates and Anusara  yoga knowledge and experience. Learn the foundation of pilates exercises with her attention to detail. Get stronger abs, care for your back and spine in a safe and true pilates experience at Boca Raton's Seek Pilates studio in our tower, reformer, group classes and private pilates sessions. Katies ability to cue and assist the body into a neutral position is our favorite part of her classes! Seek Pilates offers essential Classical Pilates method classes. 

Laurie Bulman: Over 15 years of teaching experience in many different forms of movement from moderne dance to personal training. Former actress and dancer, Laurie brings Pilates, personal training, dance experience to Boca. Creative contemporary cardio and Pilates workout, with high attention to detail and form. Laurie is a true master with antatomy and function, continual practicing in her own body to teach you the proper mechanics in your own body! Truly learn and connect in a session at Seek Pilates with our seasoned, passionate, professional and attentive staff. 

Roberta Alburque: With over 5 years experience, She brings the sizzle to East Boca! South Florida Entertainer, Dancer, Performer, Pilates instructor. Belly dance or work on your core- Laugh your way a stronger body with Roberta's authentic fitness experience. 

Alison Singolfhi:  Teaching Classical pilates education for 5 years with Classical Pilates education. A sweet but tough trainer, get a steady classical pilates workout with attention to detail and flow. Enjoy Ali’s encouraging, nurturing energy in her early morning 7 am class in our East Boca Pilates studio. Alison has two sons and loves teaching fitness in her free time.